Venizelosova 21
Extreme Gym je vodeće ime u regionu u oblasti telesne nadgradnje i pratećih aktivnosti. Zbog svoje posvećenosti i programa koje nudi može se smatrati hramom tela.

Sportovi vezani za ovaj unos:
Aerobik | Bodibilding | Boks | Pilates | Taebo | Teretana


- bummer you guys all got sick. but oooloo the snow!! looks so cool. emphasis on the looks . i just like the pics. i don't want to be there. haha.
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- ahhhh, gross, guys!!! i'm getting sick here. . . think of the <a href="http://dgojnu.com">baacklsh</a> i'm going to have to deal with, with jeff's big ole head after this . . . oh , man haha!! (can you send me that pic of jeffrey? it's a great picture, tommy!)
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- If you think I am sexy, then you must be uber-sexy. I think God wanted me to run like a <a href="http://vuxmsmfsy.com">mamdan</a> with all that food you guys stuffed me with. Good times!
Autor: J3hGwzgO34
- WOW! that is one GOOD picture of<a href="http://kddbkmwwbn.com"> psator</a> jeff LOL it's so weird seeing a nice pic of him after all the Crazy (or unflattering) pics we took of him in Cambodia.. pu ha ha.
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- You can't get Fantasy NBA out of your system, can you? I can tell by all the stats you <a href="http://nokwrsytber.com">quetod</a>. LOL. Next time you go to the Nuggets game, could you slip a banana peel under the feet of Camby, Melo, or AI when they jump next time? They are on my competitors' (ICE/SKY) teams.
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- Kobe is a scumbag. =| hahhaha. I probably would have cheered too when he went down heh. Good pics as usual dude. Good luck w/ your surgery. Try not to cry too much like a little girl. Emilee will be embarrassed. http://qzfhrnuim.com [url=http://zvlpqevkj.com]zvlpqevkj[/url] [link=http://nezpflt.com]nezpflt[/link]
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